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Especially since it’s the most visible part of your body.

Unwelcome Skin Problems

However, when you least expect it, acne breakouts, rashes, spots, scaly patches, and other unwelcome skin problems could spring up, leaving you embarrassed, frustrated, helpless, and mentally stressed altogether.

Genuine Service

We’re committed to offering genuine, helpful service from the diagnosis of your skin problems to solutions, recommendations, advice, and treatments that can help you regain your self-esteem and confidence.

NHCC – Dermatology

Conditions We Treat

There are several types of skin disorders. Some are genetic, and some have no known cause. However, most skin issues are usually triggered by allergies, irritants, health conditions, and lifestyle factors like diet, stress, sunlight, intestinal bacteria (Helicobacter pylori), etc.

It is always best to seek medical advice from expert dermatologists at the National HealthCare Center. We’ll determine the exact skin issue you experience, probable causes and suggest a reliable treatment plan.

Below, we’ve listed out five common skin issues we regularly come across and associated symptoms:



These include breakouts of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or deep and painful cysts.



Occurs as visible rashes or blisters that make your skin itchy, red, and scaly.


Skin Cancer

Symptoms majorly occur on sun-exposed areas of your body and include bumps, scar-like lesions, red nodules, etc.



Triggered by a wide variety of germs, symptoms include redness of the skin, rash, pus-filled blisters, etc.


Hair Loss

As the name implies, symptoms manifest as loss of hair in round and irregular patches.

Of course, there are several other skin conditions, too long a list to mention here. Also, the physical symptoms aren’t necessarily indicators of a skin disorder. A proper and accurate diagnosis is necessary to verify an actual skin condition before suggesting the most suitable treatment that will deliver the best possible results.

We Listen to Your Concerns

Here, at the National HealthCare Center, we listen to your concerns and then do a thorough checkup to identify the particular skin issue you experience correctly.

We Take Time to Answer your Questions

We take the time to explain your skin condition, answer your questions, and present effective treatment plans for you to choose from available options.

Treatment Recommendations

Treatments We Offer

Skin problems may leave you feeling insecure or uncomfortable, but they can be solved. Dermatology is a type of medical care specifically focused on the skin. At National Health Care Center (NHCC™) in Stockbridge, GA, you can work with a qualified dermatologist to get to the bottom of the problems your skin is having so you can enjoy healthy skin again after your treatment.

Care When You Need It

We are committed to providing convenient, leading-edge care in a variety of areas, and we even offer 24-hour care for non-emergency yet urgent problems. We can provide an experienced skin specialist to solve your skin problems, but we also offer primary care and several other specialty healthcare services.

You can make an appointment beforehand or just walk into our facility in Stockbridge, GA, and we’ll be happy to serve you whenever you need care.

To learn more about the dermatology services we offer, read below, or call us at (678) 664-9655.

We’re skilled at treatment techniques and procedures. Depending on the type of condition and its severity, we will recommend different treatment options.

Here are some commonly prescribed treatment plans:


Topical Creams






Ear lobe keloids


Skin tag removal


Skin cysts






Skin abscesses

Each of the above treatments is of different levels and will be more suited for you, depending on your particular skin condition and preference.

We want you to feel comfortable with your treatment, so we’ll take time to explain each option and likely results carefully. That way, you know what to expect and can make a better-informed decision on your choice of treatment. We will never pressure or push any treatment on you as your care and satisfaction is our utmost concern.

And yes, of course, we ensure the suggested treatment plans are appropriate for your skin type. As the case may be, we also offer health and lifestyle recommendations that could help improve your condition.

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