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We offer services dedicated to high-quality timely care for medical conditions or to help you prevent them.

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Welcome to National HealthCare Center 

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NHCC™ multi-specialty outpatient center not only offers leading-edge medicine, but we’re pioneering new ways to make getting care more convenient. 

Although we are located in Georgia, our two locations make us one of the most conveniently located multi-specialty healthcare centers for residents in Stockbridge and Atlanta, GA.

We specialize on the following services

Are you experiencing unexplained symptoms or discomfort? Don’t wait to get the answers you deserve. Our clinic offers a range of testing services to help you identify potential health concerns and develop a plan to address them.


Our dermatologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

Allergy Testing

Our allergy test can help to identify specific triggers and guide patients in avoiding them to prevent future allergic reactions.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Our test will help you to identify which specific foods or ingredients may be causing you adverse reactions.

Our Services 

Allergy Testing

We help provide a thorough and effective diagnosis of your allergic issues, even the rare ones that other doctors may have missed.

Food Sensitivy Testing

The test results can help us pinpoint which specific foods or preservatives you may be sensitive to by running the Food Sensitivities Profile.

Urgent Care

Brings access to primary care, specialty care, diagnostics and procedures.

Primary Care

Our doctors take the time to understand your concerns and tailor treatment to fit your needs.

Genetic Testing

We are pleased to offer its clients a comprehensive suite of genetic tests, allowing the physicians we serve to provide truly personalised healthcare.


At the National HealthCare Center, we listen to your concerns and then do a thorough checkup to identify the particular skin issue you experience correctly.

Food Sensitivities Profile

1. Why test for food sensitivities?

Sometimes there may not be enough of a particular enzyme to digest a certain food correctly. Other Times, the immune system creates antibodies to proteins in specific foods.

2. What Does The Test Tell Me?

Your doctor may use the Food Sensitivities Profile to report on the degree of immune sensitivity and severity to each specific food.

3. Symptoms Associated With Food Sensitivities

Diarrhea or soft stool, constipation, gas or bloating and more. 

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